Monday, December 3, 2012

Sugar and Cavities

sugar is a major cause of cavities
Cavities are a common problem in dentistry, affecting children and adults alike. They are responsible for many trips to the dentist. While seemingly benign at first, cavities can lead to complications in the tooth. Knowing what causes them, how they came about, and how to prevent them is a key factor in keeping a healthy mouth.

Carbohydrates are very sticky, clinging to tooth enamel after they are eaten. Over time, the high sugar concentration can wear down the enamel. When the sugars eat away the enamel, a hole, or cavity, is formed. If left untreated, the cavity can cause complications, such as nerve damage and infection. Oral infections that are left untreated can become systemic, or widespread throughout the body.

It is very important to clean the teeth after every meal. This ensures the removal of any residue build-up that could cause damage to the teeth. If a cavity is detected, it should be filled by a dentist as soon as possible. Regular visits to the dentist can help in cavity detection and treatment The dentist is able to find small, undetectable cavities and fill them before they become a problem.

Discoveries have shown that humans have not always had a problem with cavities. Teeth found from Neanderthals whom existed before modern-day man contain no cavities. Strictly meat-eaters, their diets did not consist of any sugary carbohydrates. This discovery shows a strict correlation between a plant diet and cavities. Since Neanderthals did not eat plant-based foods, they did not suffer from tooth damage caused by cavities.

In light of these discoveries, some scientists have hypothesized that eliminating sugary plant foods from the diet would consequently eliminate the occurrence of cavities. However, eating a diet consisting entirely of meat is not only unrealistic, but unhealthy as well. It does present with the conclusion that reducing plant-based foods could greatly decrease the incidence of cavities.

While modern man may not be able to survive on the Neanderthal's diet of meat to reduce the incidence of cavities, there are ways to reduce tooth damage. A person can decrease their consumption of carbohydrates, cleaning the teeth thoroughly after each meal or snack.

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