Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cavities and Self-Image

I cannot stand cavities just as much or even more than the next person. When I have experienced cavities, I have always been self-conscious in thinking about them. It really does start to put a hurt on how you view yourself. I sometimes felt like I was hiding my own cavities like a dark secret. Putting your cavities in the dark will only make them worse. You should open your mouth and look at them for what they are. Maybe its your fault maybe it's not but if you see them for what they are then you can take the next step to fix them.

In fact, I'd say that cavities are most damaging to the self image. Cavities prevent you from eating certain foods or drinks or even enjoying certain activities. Don't let cavities be a hamper on your social life. Many people have cavities, they can form on any person and on any tooth. Cavities are also fixable, they are not the dead-end problem we are accustom to perceiving them as. Once the tooth is pulled or the cavity filled, the problem is fixed. What I am saying here is that you are not your cavity. Just because you can truthfully say " I have a cavity " that does not make you any less than those with supposedly perfect teeth.

The good thing about cavities is that you can go to the dentist and just get them fixed. Back in the day people didn't have none of that. Make your dentist your friend. Dentist are normal folks just like most other people. They are also responsible for getting a very important job done. So long as you see that your dentist is empathetic and caring you should always show him or her your utmost respect and continued business. Do this so that you will have a refreshing and comfortable dental experience every time.

With this is mind, it is wise to start today the fight against your cavities. Call up a few dentist and find out what it will cost to get what you want to get done. Whatever money you are spending on convenience should be diverted to saving up for the numbers they give you. Learning to live life with cavities shows persistence. Knowing that you can have them dealt with on a whim and taking action shows strength and the willingness to take life into your own hands. 

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